Natalie Portman Discusses ‘May December’ and Issues a Warning to Child Actors About Hollywood

Natalie Portman enthusiastically describes her role in Todd Haynes’ latest film, “May December,” as a “dream role.” In this dark comedy, Portman portrays Elizabeth Berry, an actress set to depict Gracie Atherton-Yoo (Julianne Moore), a woman who gained tabloid notoriety for her relationship with a 12-year-old boy, echoing the real-life story of Mary Kay Letourneau.

Two decades later, Elizabeth delves into Gracie’s life, now married with children to the once-12-year-old Joe (Charles Melton). The film explores the complexities beneath their seemingly stable exterior, revealing fractures as Elizabeth immerses herself in the characters.

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Natalie Portman Discusses 'May December' and Issues a Warning to Child Actors About Hollywood

Portman reflects on the intricacies of the script by Samy Burch, praising the narrative’s ability to challenge preconceptions about the characters. She considers the project a gift, highlighting the nuanced storytelling by Haynes.

In a milestone 200th episode of the Variety Awards Circuit Podcast, Portman not only delves into her performance in “May December” but also shares her insights on the industry’s current state and the rising trend of women producing their own projects.

As fans consider Natalie Portman’s notable roles, from her Oscar-winning performance in “Black Swan” to her portrayal of the former first lady in “Jackie,” her latest venture in “May December” under Todd Haynes’ direction adds another noteworthy chapter to her cinematic journey.
Read her full interview with Variety here

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