Richard Curtis Secures Tom Cruise’s Approval for ‘Genie’ Movie Joke

Richard Curtis Secures Tom Cruise's Approval for 'Genie' Movie Joke

Unlock the backstory of ‘Genie’: Richard Curtis sought Tom Cruise’s approval for a delightful joke in the holiday comedy.

Richard Curtis took extra care to ensure his Tom Cruise joke in the upcoming holiday fairytale comedy, Genie, had the action star’s approval. 

The film portrays Melissa McCarthy’s character, Genie Flora, developing a significant crush on Cruise after a visit to the movie theater. 

Witnessing him in a Mission: Impossible film sparks Flora’s admiration, prompting her to adorn her bedroom with Cruise posters and receive a Cruise-faced sweatshirt as a Christmas gift from her friend Bernard (Paapa Essiedu). 

Richard Curtis Secures Tom Cruise's Approval for 'Genie' Movie Joke
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Curtis, in an interview with People magazine, emphasized the importance of seeking Cruise’s permission before incorporating the joke into the film.

“I mean, we asked him through his people,” Curtis explained. “I’m lucky enough to know Tom a bit. He’s always been very sweet to me. And we worked on a film for a while, which didn’t happen.”

After the Oscar-nominated writer learned that Top Gun: Maverick actor gave him the go-ahead, he said in response, “I don’t know whether it’s a favor to me and Melissa or whether someone in the mail room said, ‘This sounds okay.’ But it means that after all these years, I’ve at last made a Tom Cruise movie.”

Curtis noted that he was also “so thrilled” to be able to include a three-second clip of Mission: Impossible in the flick.

Genie follows Bernard, a workaholic man who enlists the help of magical genie Flora to help win his family back before Christmas.

As for several other jokes throughout the Sam Boyd-directed movie, the Notting Hill writer said McCarthy actually came up with some of them herself.

“When Melissa would think of a new funny joke, then she would do it, and that’d be great,” Curtis said. “But then, of course, you’ve gotta do it four more times. You’ve got to make sure you got it right. You’ve got to make sure you get it at the right speed from the right angle. So it’s always a mixture between kind of mischief and very conscientious behavior on movies.”

He added, “In my movies, you want it to be emotionally true at the same time as being silly. So [Melissa] went between being impish and just being a really proper, serious actor.”

Genie is currently streaming on Peacock.

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