Jenna Ortega’s Absence from ‘Scream VII’ Linked to Scheduling Clash with Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ Series

Jenna Ortega's Absence from 'Scream VII' Linked to Scheduling Clash with Netflix's 'Wednesday' Series

Jenna Ortega exits ‘Scream VII’ due to scheduling clashes with Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ series

The seventh installment of the Scream franchise is set to take a new direction as Jenna Ortega will not be reprising her role as Tara Carpenter. The decision stems from a scheduling conflict with her commitments to Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ series.

With filming for the hit Netflix show commencing in April 2024 and extending through the summer in Ireland, Ortega’s packed schedule also includes additional shooting days for the upcoming theatrical release of Beetlejuice on Labor Day 2024.

Jenna Ortega's Absence from 'Scream VII' Linked to Scheduling Clash with Netflix's 'Wednesday' Series
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This development follows the departure of Ortega’s co-star Melissa Barrera from Scream VII, prompted by her remarks regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Barrera, who portrayed Sam in the slasher films, was dismissed after resharing posts that made controversial statements about Israel.

Spyglass Media Group, the production company behind the new Scream films, clarified that Barrera’s departure was not solely due to her pro-Palestine comments but emphasized their zero-tolerance stance towards hate speech and antisemitism.

The next installment of the Scream series, centered around the Carpenter sisters facing threats from the masked murderer Ghostface, had originally positioned Barrera and Ortega at its forefront. Notably, original Scream stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette had made individual appearances in the fifth installment.

Cox returned for Scream VI, but Campbell rejected the studio’s salary offer and did not appear in the 2023 release. Arquette’s character was written out before Scream VI.

Prior to Barrera’s exit, she expressed understanding and respect for Campbell’s decision not to participate in the film. Ortega also supported Campbell, acknowledging her absence as unfortunate and highlighting Campbell’s integral role in the Scream franchise.

The legacy of Sidney Prescott, portrayed by Neve Campbell, remains palpable in the storyline, even in her absence from the recent films.

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