Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Feeling “Disconnected” from His Films Post-Production

Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Feeling “Disconnected” from His Films Post-Production

Robert Pattinson recently shared insights into his post-project mindset, shedding light on how he navigates the emotional aftermath of completing a film. Engaging in a candid conversation with Barry Keoghan, his co-star in The Batman, for Wonderland magazine, the Twilight actor delved into the disconnect he experiences once a project concludes.

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Formerly grappling with the challenge of watching his own performances, Pattinson now expresses a sense of detachment post-production. Describing it as not necessarily negative but rather akin to a feeling of being “done,” he acknowledged a profound sense of exhaustion.

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Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Feeling "Disconnected" from His Films Post-Production

Keoghan contributed to the dialogue, emphasizing the importance of maintaining consistent energy from the first day to the last. He shared his commitment to approaching each day on set with the same intensity, ensuring a cohesive performance throughout. Keoghan highlighted the risk of losing spontaneity when becoming too familiar with the process.

Pattinson disclosed his nervousness when entering a new project, expressing a preference for feeling that anxiety. He admitted to missing the active engagement with numerous projects, alluding to a hiatus in his work schedule at the time of the conversation.

Addressing the fear of not fully committing to a role, Pattinson previously disclosed his deep apprehension about humiliation during a conversation with comedian Jordan Firstman for Interview magazine. He acknowledged the personal responsibility actors bear for the success or failure of a project, emphasizing the potential for criticism even when giving their best effort.

In conclusion, Robert Pattinson’s candid reflections offer a glimpse into the intricate emotional journey he undertakes after completing a film, providing audiences with a nuanced understanding of his approach to his craft.

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