Stage Collapse at Mexican Political Rally Results in Tragic Loss and Injuries

Stage Collapse at Mexican Political Rally Results in Tragic Loss and Injuries

Strong winds tonight led to a tragic incident at a political rally in Mexico, causing a stage to collapse. The accident claimed the lives of four individuals and resulted in presidential candidate Jorge Alvarez Maynez being hospitalized, as reported by Reuters.

Stage Collapse at Mexican Political Rally Results in Tragic Loss and Injuries

The event occurred in the affluent area of San Pedro Garza Garcia, located in the northern state of Nuevo Leon. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, referencing the governor of Nuevo León who was present, tweeted that, “four deaths and 15 injuries are reported.”

Dramatic footage from the scene has been shared online.

Maynez issued a statement explaining that he was on the stage during the collapse and was subsequently taken to a local hospital. He later returned to the scene to assist with the emergency efforts.

“After the accident in San Pedro Garza,” wrote Maynez, “where a gust of wind collapsed the stage where we were, I moved to the San José hospital. I am fine and in communication with state authorities to follow up on what happened. The only important thing right now is to care for the victims of the accident.”

Lorenia Canavati, a politician and co-headliner at the rally, expressed her sorrow on social media, stating, “There are no words to describe the pain and sadness that the terrible accident that occurred today at our campaign event causes everyone. At this moment the only thing I can think about is those affected and their families. My team and I are already coordinating with the authorities so that they are given all the attention and support. They are the most important thing.”

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