Super Bowl LVIII: Nevada Brothel Extends Winners Complimentary ‘Sextravaganza’ Offer

Super Bowl LVIII: Nevada Brothel Extends Winners Complimentary 'Sextravaganza' Offer

Super Bowl LVIII: Nevada Brothel Extends Winners Complimentary ‘Sextravaganza’ Offer

The champion of Super Bowl LVIII might not only secure the Lombardi Trophy but also indulge in a unique reward – courtesy of a Nevada brothel. As per TMZ Sports the Chicken Ranch brothel is offering the victorious team a “sextravaganza,” compliments of the house.

Alice Little and Addison Gray, employees at the renowned establishment, revealed that bookings have surged this week due to the Super Bowl festivities in Las Vegas. To express gratitude to the NFL, they’ve crafted an offer that the winning team, whether it be the Niners or Chiefs, may find enticing.

Super Bowl LVIII: Nevada Brothel Extends Winners Complimentary 'Sextravaganza' Offer

According to Little and Gray, the victorious squad will enjoy an extravagant gathering at the brothel’s expansive 40-acre campus. The package includes complimentary limousine service, access to the bar, swimming pool, VIP Bungalows, and specialty sex areas. They emphasized that “nothing is off limits,” ensuring that the winners’ desires are fully accommodated.

Gray emphasized, “It’s only fitting that we show our appreciation to this year’s champions for their invaluable contribution to our industry.” Additionally, the brothel extends the invitation to the players’ significant others, with Gray noting that the ladies specialize in various activities to ensure everyone feels included.

Little and Gray clarified that participation in sexual activities is not mandatory for the special deal; the winning team can simply choose to revel in the festivities away from the chaos of Las Vegas.

“We’ll treat the Big Game winners like the gridiron gods they are,” Little declared.

Meanwhile, COO Will Paccione anticipates a significant increase in business regardless of the game’s outcome and mentioned that the staff is putting in extra effort at the gym to prepare for the influx of customers, whether they’re NFL players or not.

Source: TMZ

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