Sydney Sweeney Describes ‘Madame Web’ as a Foundation for Her Relationship with Sony

Sydney Sweeney Bra Size and Body Measurements

Sydney Sweeney Describes ‘Madame Web’ as a Foundation for Her Relationship with Sony

Sydney Sweeney views her role in Madame Web as a significant stepping stone in her career, rather than a setback. In a recent interview with GQ U.K., she shared her perspective on how the film facilitated new opportunities and fostered a valuable connection with Sony.

“The film was a crucial building block for me; it’s what enabled me to establish a relationship with Sony. Without Madame Web, I wouldn’t have the rapport with the key decision-makers there,” Sweeney stated. “I approach every career move not just for the story it tells but as strategic business decisions. Thanks to that, I was able to pitch Anyone But You and secure Barbarella.”

Sydney Sweeney Bra Size and Body Measurements
Sydney Sweeney Bra Size and Body Measurements

Despite the negative reception of the Sony-Marvel movie, where she starred alongside Dakota Johnson and which critics and audiences lambasted, Sweeney remains positive. The film struggled at the box office and garnered the lowest Rotten Tomatoes average score (13 percent) for a superhero movie in nearly a decade.

Sweeney, however, takes it in stride, emphasizing her role as an actor in the large-scale project and her intention to bring joy to fans, including her younger cousins. “There’s no outcome I can control on a film like that, especially when I’m not a producer. You sign up for whatever happens and you take the ride,” she expressed.

Her stance was reiterated in remarks to the Los Angeles Times and even humorously referenced during her hosting gig on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where she quipped about the film’s visibility, or lack thereof.

Madame Web’s performance at the box office was notably underwhelming, with a domestic gross of just $26.2 million in the first six days following its Valentine’s Day release—one of Marvel character-based films’ lowest debuts.

Dakota Johnson also shared her thoughts on the experience, reflecting on the challenges and learning opportunities the film presented. Speaking to Bustle, Johnson conveyed her realization that such projects may not align with her artistic path, highlighting the unpredictability and the sometimes harsh realities of film production and reception in the entertainment industry.

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