Sydney Sweeney shared how people speak about her body 

Sydney Sweeney Looks Damn Hot in Black

Sydney Sweeney shared how people speak about her body 

Sydney Sweeney has expressed her dismay at the way discussions about her physique dominate social media narratives. 

Despite her acclaim as an actress, much attention has been unfairly focused on her appearance rather than her talent. 

Sydney Sweeney Looks Damn Hot in Black

Following her appearance on SNL, where she was seen in a low-cut dress while concluding the show, the clip attracted over 25 million views on social media, further spotlighting her physical appearance over her performance. 

Sweeney opened up about the toll this public scrutiny takes on her personal well-being. “I see it, and I just can’t allow myself to have a reaction,” she conveyed to Variety, highlighting the complexity of her feelings towards the issue. 

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She also touched upon the dehumanization she experiences, with people not recognizing her as a real person and feeling entitled to comment on and objectify her body. “People feel connected and free to be able to speak about me in whatever way they want, because they believe I’ve signed my life away,” Sweeney explained, addressing the misconception that her public persona negates her personal autonomy and humanity. 

Criticism also arose towards SNL’s writers for perpetuating this focus on her looks in promotional content for the show, with some fans urging for a change in narrative to respect her as more than just a physical object.

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In one short clip, she appeared alongside musical guest Kacey Musgraves and SNL cast member Heidi Gardner.

“Girl power! Love this group of three strong ladies. I bet so many women are gonna tune in this weekend,” Gardner said to which Sweeney replied: “Weirdly, a lot of my fans are men.”

Musgraves then added: “Hmm. I wonder why.”

“Before Saturday comes let me just speak to the snl writers,” one fan commented under the promo video. “I see what you’re about to do … please don’t.”

Another added, “They’ve got 48 hours to come up with some better material,” while a third person wrote, “I hate this for her.”

“Sydney Sweeney is more than her b**bs. Do better SNL,” another wrote.

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