Tragedy Strikes NYC: Three Dead After Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes into Fourth of July Crowd

Tragedy Strikes NYC: Three Dead After Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes into Fourth of July Crowd

Three people dead and seven injured in New York City’s Lower East Side after an alleged drunk driver plows into a crowd during Fourth of July celebrations. Read more for the latest updates and official statements.

New York City, Bollywood Fever: At least three people lost their lives when an alleged drunk driver drove into a crowd of at least 10 in New York City on Thursday night.

The incident occurred amidst the city’s Fourth of July festivities, with a mother and three children among those struck, according to police.

As investigations continue, it remains unclear if the mother and children are among the fatalities. At least seven others sustained injuries in the crash involving a pickup truck.

The accident took place around 9 PM in the Lower East Side, just 20 minutes before the fireworks began over the Hudson River. According to police reports, the Ford F-150 truck ran a stop sign. The driver, found to have alcohol on his breath, was taken into custody but remains unidentified. Sources revealed he is from The Bronx.

Tragedy Strikes NYC: Three Dead After Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes into Fourth of July Crowd

Mayor Eric Adams commented on the scene, saying, “You have a tragic incident like this that really impacts family members who were just here, celebrating and barbecuing inside a park,” as fireworks went off in the background.

NYPD Chief Jeffrey B. Maddrey stated, “We do believe that alcohol had played a role in this, but we are investigating.”

Chief Michael V. Meyers of the New York City Fire Department added that of the seven injured, two are in critical condition, and three others are seriously hurt. Details on the nature of their injuries have not been disclosed.

Meyers detailed the quick response by firefighters, who arrived at the scene in less than four minutes. They found the pickup truck on top of four victims in Corlears Hook Park, using airbags and floor jacks to lift the vehicle off them.

Despite the tragic events, Adams confirmed that the incident did not appear to be terror-related, but rather the result of a drunk driver. Maddrey noted that the suspect reeked of alcohol and had been driving at high speed before running the stop sign and crashing into the park.

The crash scene was strewn with debris, including a scooter, sneakers, and a backpack, but no identities of the victims have been released.

As investigations proceed, the driver remains in custody. Maddrey confirmed that two of the victims were young children, along with their mother, but it is still unclear if they are among the deceased.

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