Twitch Lifts Ban on JiDion After Two Years

Know About YouTuber JiDion Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Twitch Lifts Ban on JiDion After Two Years: Creator Returns with a Message of Faith

Twitch has finally unbanned JiDion two years after he was originally permabanned for leading a “hate raid” against fellow streamer Pokinane.

Know About YouTuber JiDion Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth

JiDion’s Twitch channel has been restored, surprising the creator, who recently returned to content creation after becoming religious and focusing on videos about his Christian faith.

On January 12, 2022, JiDion was suspended from Twitch after Pokimane had to end her stream when a wave of new viewers flooded her channel from JiDion’s broadcast, bombarding her with spam.

JiDion’s actions led to his permaban, Twitch’s most severe punishment. Despite later reconciliation and collaboration between the two creators, the ban remained.

JiDion sent numerous ban appeals to Twitch in the following months, all of which were rejected.

In 2023, he criticized Twitch for denying his appeal, stating that if he were unbanned, he would use his platform to “spread the message of Jesus Christ.”

After a long wait, on April 26, 2024, JiDion announced he was submitting another appeal, hoping for a positive outcome.

“It’s been 832 days… Pleassse I wanna watch Kai’s Ghost of Tsushima PLAY THROUGH,” he wrote alongside a screenshot of his appeal.

Then, on May 6, 2024, JiDion’s JiDionPremium account was unbanned, surprising JiDion himself.

“It happened…” he shared on X before retweeting a Dexerto post about his unban. “1st praise TMH, 2nd time to get back at it again!!!”

JiDion has not yet announced the date of his return stream, but it is expected to be a major event on Twitch this year due to the lengthy wait for his account to be restored.

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