Billie Eilish Joins Lana Del Rey for Surprise Coachella Performance

Billie Eilish Joins Lana Del Rey for Surprise Coachella Performance

Billie Eilish surprises fans at Coachella by joining Lana Del Rey on stage for a dream collaboration, performing hits like “Ocean Eyes” and “Video Games.” Fans speculate on further surprise guests as the festival continues.

Billie Eilish gave a memorable performance at Coachella on Friday night, joining her musical idol Lana Del Rey on stage to the delight of the audience in Indio, California. This collaboration was a dream come true for Billie, as Lana has been a significant influence on her music.

Billie Eilish Joins Lana Del Rey for Surprise Coachella Performance

The crowd was taken by surprise when Billie suddenly appeared from backstage and began performing “Ocean Eyes” with Lana. The duo continued to captivate the audience with a rendition of Lana’s hit “Video Games.”

As the performance neared its end, Billie passionately exclaimed her admiration for Lana, shouting, “Get the f*** out of my face!” In response, Lana praised Billie, calling her “the voice of a generation!”

Before this unexpected collaboration at Coachella, Billie had expressed in an interview with Interview magazine how Lana had trailblazed a path “for everyone,” significantly influencing the music scene’s style and sound.

Fans had speculated that Taylor Swift might join Lana on stage due to their past collaborations, but she did not appear. However, Swift’s fans remain hopeful that a surprise collaboration might still occur during the second weekend of Coachella, when Lana is expected to perform again with another special guest.

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