Shakira Announces World Tour and Surprises Fans at Coachella with Bizarrap

Shakira Announces World Tour and Surprises Fans at Coachella with Bizarrap

Shakira electrified Coachella with a surprise performance alongside Bizarrap and announced her upcoming “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran World Tour,” set to start in California this November. Read about her dynamic return to the stage and the anticipation for her global tour.

Shakira electrified the audience at Coachella with a surprise performance alongside Bizarrap, captivating fans with hits from her latest album and announcing her upcoming “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran World Tour.”

Shakira Announces World Tour and Surprises Fans at Coachella with Bizarrap

During an unexpected appearance on Friday night in Indio, CA, Shakira joined forces with Bizarrap, delivering powerful performances of “La Fuerte” and “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53.” The pop icon’s dynamic stage presence and interaction with the crowd showcased her timeless charm and energy.

The highlight of the evening was Shakira’s announcement of her global tour, which is set to begin in California this November. Addressing the excited audience, she expressed her gratitude, stating, “Good evening, Coachella! You have no idea how much I love seeing you all.”

“Thank you, Bizarrap, thank you for inviting me. Honestly, it’s amazing to be here with this audience, with you, who are [sic] my buddy, you are my friend,” she continued. Her announcement was met with cheers as she excitedly shared, “Finally, we’re going on tour — starting here, in this city! Can’t wait!”

As “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran World Tour” flashed on the screens, the crowd’s enthusiasm reached new heights. Shakira had hinted at something big earlier in the day, teasing her followers with “La loba se viene…,” hinting at the return of “the she-wolf.”

While specifics of the tour are yet to be disclosed, it is rumored to kick off at the Acrisure Arena in California, with stops planned across the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Fans eager for more details are encouraged to subscribe to Shakira’s official website for updates and access to presale tickets.

Social media channels like X (formerly Twitter) were abuzz with excitement. Fans expressed their eagerness for the tour, with comments ranging from anticipation of the tour dates to hopes of seeing Shakira perform in regions like Far East Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

This world tour announcement follows the release of Shakira’s twelfth studio album, “Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran,” which marks a significant return after her seven-year break since “El Dorado” in 2017. In a conversation with The Times, Shakira opened up about her personal sacrifices and the role of music in her life.

“For a long time, I put my career on hold to be next to Gerard so he could play football. There was a lot of sacrifice for love,” she revealed. Describing her latest work, she noted, “The album represents the transformation of pain into creativity, frustration into productivity, anger into passion, vulnerability into resilience.”

Shakira described her journey of rebuilding herself through music: “There were so many pieces of my life that crumbled in front of my eyes and I had to rebuild myself in a way, picking up the bones from the floor and putting them all together. And the glue that kept it all together was music,” she concluded, sharing a glimpse into the profound impact of her musical endeavors.

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