Twitch Streamer BrandonTheGr8 was Shot by BB Gun by group of teens

Twitch Streamer BrandonTheGr8 was Shot by BB Gun by group of teens

Twitch Streamer BrandonTheGr8 was Shot by BB Gun by group of teens

Bollywoodfever, March 2: While streaming live on Twitch and playing Pokemon Go in New York City on a Sunday, February 25, BrandonTheGr8 encountered an unexpected situation. 

He casually walked by a group of masked teenagers congregating on the sidewalk without initially giving it much thought. 

However, his indifference quickly turned to shock when the group started shooting BBs at his thigh. 

Twitch Streamer BrandonTheGr8 was Shot by BB Gun by group of teens

In disbelief, Brandon confronted the teenagers, cautioning them that they were being filmed in front of a large online audience.

The situation escalated as the teenagers began to follow him, issuing threats of robbery, and one even struck him on the back of his head. 

A video capturing this alarming encounter has since spread widely on the internet, drawing thousands of views and a flood of astonished reactions.

In a detailed account shared on the subreddit LiveStreamFails, Brandon elaborated on the incident, revealing that the teenagers persisted in following him until he managed to reach a subway station and report the matter to a police officer. 

He chose to leave the scene promptly, prioritizing safety and wishing to avoid further escalation, especially given the proximity to a major transport hub. 

Brandon reflected on the incident, noting that while he was unharmed, it underscored the potential risks and dangers associated with streaming in real life (IRL) if one is not vigilant.

This incident is not an isolated case of teenagers causing disruption in public spaces. 

For instance, the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California, recently introduced an age policy in response to repeated disturbances caused by large groups of teenagers engaging in violent brawls, with some incidents involving up to a thousand participants.

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