Britain plans to capitalize on the crypto potential.

Britain plans to capitalize on the crypto potential.

Britain plans to capitalize on the crypto potential.

Britain laid out a detailed plan to harness the potential of crypto-assets and their underlying Blockchain technology to make it easier for consumers to pay more efficiently.

John Glen, the financial services minister, stated that Britain would legislate to bring some stabilizecoins within the regulatory net to create a global crypto-asset hub. This includes complying with existing payment regulations.

Stablecoins are digital currencies with a fixed value relative to other currencies or a commodity like gold to avoid volatility.

The government stated that all stablecoins that refer to a fiat currency must be regulated.

The finance ministry stated that “the approach will ensure convertibility in fiat currency at par and upon demand” and that the Bank of England would regulate stablecoins.

Britain will later this year consult on regulations for crypto assets such as bitcoin. This will take into account the sector’s energy use.

Glen said that crypto technologies will be a significant part of the future and that the UK wants to be there and on the ground floor at UK Fintech Week.

“We see tremendous potential in crypto, and we want to maximize our chances of taking advantage.”

Britain’s “detailed plan” will also explore the potential for blockchain technology, including whether it can help issue British government bonds and gilts.

Glen stated, “I don’t know the answer, but let’s find out,”

Britain plans to capitalize on the crypto potential.

Britain plans to capitalize on the crypto potential.


Global regulators are struggling to deal with cryptocurrency, with the European Union leading the charge with a draft law regarding crypto markets.

Rishi Sunak, the UK’s finance minister, has asked the Royal Mint for a non-fungible token. This is expected to be issued this summer. An NFT, or digital asset, is a record of transactions kept on a network of computers.

Glen stated that the Bank of England would launch a regulatory “sandbox,” which will allow for the testing of blockchain in market infrastructure.

He stated that the Law Commission would examine the legal status of decentralized autonomous organizations using blockchain. Glen also discussed the tax implications of crypto.

Glen stated, “On balance,” Glen said that the tax code wouldn’t need major surgery to make crypto work better.

Tax treatment of “defi” loans will be determined if crypto-asset holders lend them in return.

He said Britain would also consider removing any disincentives to crypto asset managers in their portfolios.



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