Jon Bon Jovi Reflects on 35 Years of Marriage and the Challenges of Balancing Fame and Family

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi opened up about his 35-year marriage to Dorothea Hurley during a candid interview on “Good Morning America” on Thursday. He admitted that maintaining their relationship is consistently challenging, especially after recently confessing to not always having been perfect. “Every day is a challenge,” Jon revealed, adding that the key is to “grow together.”

Jon Bon Jovi

During the interview with GMA host Lara Spencer, Jon humorously responded to a question about whether he offers relationship advice to his son Jake and Jake’s fiancée, actress Millie Bobby Brown: “You don’t think they’re going to listen, do you?” He then shared his perspective on his own long-term relationship: “I mean, the magic for me has just been growing together with Dorothea.”

Jon, who tied the knot with his high school sweetheart in a spontaneous Las Vegas ceremony in 1989, expressed optimism about the young couple, stating, “I’m aware. They’re wonderful,” and confirmed that Jake and Millie are planning to marry “in the near future.”

Reflecting on his past, Jon discussed his not always saintly behavior in a recent interview with the Independent, crediting Dorothea’s “tolerance” of his demanding life on tour with his band Bon Jovi. “It’s about never lying about having been a saint, but not being a fool enough to [mess] up the home life, either,” he stated, highlighting the importance of honesty and integrity in their relationship.

The rock star praised the foundation of their marriage, describing it as a “mutual admiration society” and emphasized how they’ve been fortunate to grow up together. The couple, who first met in 1980 at Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey, shares four children: Stephanie, 30; Jesse, 28; Jake; and Romeo, 19.

Jon reminisced about their early days to People magazine, saying he was “immediately drawn” to Dorothea the moment he saw her, a feeling that has endured for over 40 years. “Having grown up together and grown together. And we really like each other. We want to hang out,” he shared.

Dorothea humorously remarked on their long-standing bond, indicating Jon’s potential from the start: “I always said I was good at spotting potential too. I have a gift,” while admitting, “He’s cute. I’m shallow. I’ll admit it!”

Jon concluded by reflecting on the simplicity of his identity and the pitfalls of fame: “We enjoy each other and we never fell for the trappings of what celebrity can do. It’s just what I do, it’s not who I am. I write songs. I happen to be very good at performing them. That’s it.”

Jon also acknowledged the sacrifices made due to his career, including missing significant family moments, a sentiment he shared with Best Life magazine in 2007: “I’ve been in one of the biggest rock bands in the world for 25 years, and I’m not a saint, and I have not been a saint,” he admitted, ensuring clarity about the challenges and realities of their life together from the start.

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