Debris from Michigan Industrial Fire Scatters Over a Mile, Police Report

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Explosions at Detroit-Area Industrial Site Propel Debris Up to a Mile, Prompting Police Warnings

Bollywoodfever, March 5: A series of explosions followed by a fire at an industrial facility in Clinton Township, just north of Detroit, Michigan, resulted in debris being scattered up to a mile away, according to local police. Authorities have issued warnings, advising the public to avoid the area for safety.

Images and videos circulating on social media capture intense flames and thick smoke emanating from the site, located approximately 25 miles north of Detroit. 

The nighttime explosions sent what appeared to be flaming debris soaring into the sky, creating a dramatic scene.

The Clinton Township Police Department emphasized the severity of the situation on Facebook, urging residents to remain indoors and steer clear of the affected area. “Debris is being projected into the air and coming down as far as a mile away from the explosion,” police warned, highlighting the potential danger to the community.

The specific materials involved in the blaze were not immediately identified, leaving officials unable to determine the potential impact on air quality in the vicinity.

Local residents described the explosions as resembling fireworks, with the blasts powerful enough to cause vibrations on the ground, as reported by WDIV television news. The Detroit Free Press noted that hundreds of explosions were heard.

The facility has been identified by media as a wholesale building for a company that deals in novelty items, including vape products and paraphernalia associated with the cannabis-derived product CBD.

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