Disney Plans Major Expansion in California with New Attractions

Disney Plans Major Expansion in California with New Attractions

Disney’s California theme parks are set for a transformative expansion following Anaheim City Council’s approval, featuring new attractions based on “Frozen” and “Zootopia”. The plan involves a $1.9 billion investment to enhance guest experiences without expanding the park’s current footprint, and includes significant local infrastructure improvements.

Disney‘s California theme parks could soon feature new attractions like the snow-covered village of Arendelle from “Frozen” and the vibrant city of “Zootopia,” following the Anaheim City Council’s approval of a major park expansion plan. Disney is set to invest a minimum of $1.9 billion over the next decade to revamp its 490-acre Southern California campus, marking the largest expansion in decades aimed at enhancing guest experiences. Additionally, the company will invest in local infrastructure, including street improvements and affordable housing.

Disney Plans Major Expansion in California with New Attractions

The expansion, which was approved unanimously by the council after an eight-hour meeting, does not intend to increase Disney’s existing land footprint in Anaheim. Instead, it focuses on optimizing the current space by relocating parking to a new multi-story structure and redeveloping the massive lot to accommodate new rides and entertainment options. This plan is crucial for Disney to continue developing large-scale attractions within the 30-mile radius of Los Angeles, surrounded by freeways and residential zones.

Public opinion at the council meeting was divided, especially regarding Disney’s proposal to purchase a public street near the park for conversion into a pedestrian walkway and to install a crosswalk on another street. Local resident Scott Martindale supported the safety improvements, stating, “No change or project is perfect. But in this case, the gives I believe outweigh the takes.” Martindale also noted Disney’s extensive three-year community outreach effort regarding the expansion.

However, Cassandra Taylor, another local, expressed concerns about Disney’s plan to privatize a city street, worried about the permanent control Disney would have over the area, stating, “They might have a pedestrian walkway planned now, but once it is theirs, they could just as easily remove it… It will be theirs and theirs entirely. Voters will have no say in its future use.”

Disneyland Resort president Ken Potrock shared at the meeting, “We are ready to bring the next level of immersive entertainment here to Anaheim.” Disney has a history of significant investments in the area, including developments like Cars Land, Pixar Pier, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, and Avengers Campus.

While Disney has yet to finalize the themes for the new development, the expansion represents a significant evolution of its California theme parks since the 1990s transformation of Disneyland into a resort hub. Disneyland continues to be a major draw, with 16.8 million visitors in 2022 alone, making it the second-most visited theme park globally.

Anaheim, as Orange County’s most populous city, relies heavily on hotel revenue, which is projected to reach $236 million this year. This expansion by Disney is expected to further boost local economic activity and tourism.

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