MercadoLibre to Boost Workforce by 30% Across Latin America in 2024

MercadoLibre to Boost Workforce by 30% Across Latin America in 2024

MercadoLibre announces plans to hire 18,000 new employees in 2024, increasing its total staff by 30% as it expands operations in key markets including Mexico and Brazil. This strategic move aims to support the e-commerce giant’s growth and enhance its logistics and technology departments.

Latin American e-commerce leader MercadoLibre announced on Wednesday its plan to boost its workforce by 30% in 2024, aiming to add approximately 18,000 employees as it focuses on expanding its operations in Mexico and other regions. This surge in hiring will elevate the company’s total headcount to around 76,000, excluding temporary and outsourced workers.

MercadoLibre to Boost Workforce by 30% Across Latin America in 2024

According to a company statement, “MercadoLibre’s hiring plan follows the company’s growing performance and will help sustain the expansion of operations with the investments planned for the year.”

Mexico is set to see the largest increase, with about 8,200 new hires projected for 2024. This expansion will boost the company’s presence in Latin America’s second-largest economy by over 50%, bringing the total number of employees in Mexico to 24,400. Notably, Mexico ranked as MercadoLibre’s third-largest market by revenue in 2023, trailing only Brazil and Argentina.

The company also revealed plans on Monday to hire approximately 6,500 people in Brazil, where it currently generates more than half of its total revenue. Across Latin America, MercadoLibre, which also operates the financial technology firm Mercado Pago, aims to allocate around 14,000 of the new roles to its logistics department and another 2,500 to fill technology positions.

In Argentina, the company expects to increase its workforce by about 17%, adding roughly 1,800 new employees.

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