Drake’s Cryptic Instagram Caption Sparks Speculation Amid Nav’s Unfollow

Drake's Cryptic Instagram Caption Sparks Speculation Amid Nav's Unfollow

Drake’s Cryptic Instagram Caption Sparks Speculation Amid Nav’s Unfollow

In a recent turn of events on social media, Drake appeared to subtly reference Nav in a caption for a post on his Instagram profile, following what seems to be Nav’s decision to stop following Drake on the platform.

Drake's Cryptic Instagram Caption Sparks Speculation Amid Nav's Unfollow

Drake’s Instagram Post Hints at Nav Unfollowing Him with a Lyric Quip

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 24, Drake took to Instagram to share a collection of images from his concert tour, It’s All a Blur Tour – Big as the What?. While the post initially seemed like a casual share of memorable moments from his concert, eagle-eyed fans quickly picked up on the caption. It seemed to throw a veiled jab at rapper Nav.

Below the post, Drake penned, “I ain’t picking up I’m in Turks lil baby,” accompanied by a playful emoji.

This caption mirrors the lines from the 2020 track “Turks” by Nav and Gunna, featuring Travis Scott.

Moreover, keen observers noted that Nav had removed Drake from his list of follows on Instagram. It remains unknown whether Nav had been following the celebrated artist before deciding to unfollow him, nor is it clear if Drake’s Instagram post was specifically targeting Nav.

Speculation Over Nav’s Instagram Actions and Potential Affiliation with Metro Boomin

Following the intriguing post by Drake, speculation has been rife among fans about his decision to use Nav’s lyrics in his post’s caption.

Some theorize that Nav’s act of unfollowing Drake on Instagram was a gesture of solidarity with Metro Boomin, highlighting their past collaboration on the project Perfect Timing in 2017. This move by Nav is interpreted by some as Drake’s playful response to what they perceive as a slight.

One fan humorously speculated about the situation escalating to dramatic proportions, comparing it to a plot twist in “GAME OF THRONES,” involving Toronto’s music scene and referencing a scenario with Metro Boomin.

As it stands, without definitive proof, the real motivations behind Drake’s Instagram caption and the state of relations between him and Nav remain subjects of fan conjecture.

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