Leah McSweeney Says Andy Cohen Should Apologize to Kate Middleton

Leah McSweeney Says Andy Cohen Should Apologize to Kate Middleton

Leah McSweeney Says Andy Cohen Should Apologize to Kate Middleton

Leah McSweeney Criticizes Andy Cohen Over Remarks Toward Women, Calls for Apology to Kate Middleton

Leah McSweeney, known for her role in “Real Housewives of New York,” is publicly challenging Andy Cohen, alleging he has a tendency to target women harshly. She urges him to extend an apology to Kate Middleton following the recent revelation of the Princess of Wales’ cancer diagnosis.

McSweeney, who initiated legal action against Cohen in February, voiced her concerns on Instagram shortly after Middleton’s health news emerged. She accused Cohen of delighting in the discomfort of women, including Middleton, and stressed the need for those in positions of influence to embody responsible leadership.

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Leah McSweeney Says Andy Cohen Should Apologize to Kate Middleton

The controversy traces back to Cohen’s reaction to footage of Prince William and Princess Catherine at a Windsor farm stand, skeptically remarking, “That ain’t Kate…” on Twitter. Additionally, Cohen alluded to speculation surrounding William’s fidelity on his podcast, prior to Middleton’s announcement about her cancer.

Cohen’s comments have placed him among various celebrities facing criticism for their premature judgments about Middleton.

In response to a different context, Blake Lively has expressed regret for a jest at Middleton’s expense, while Kim Kardashian has not commented on her post that subtly referenced the Princess.

McSweeney’s lawsuit against Cohen and Bravo cites a harmful work culture that she claims exploited her mental health and substance use challenges. Her critique of Cohen’s latest statements may also be seen as part of her broader concerns regarding the media’s treatment of women’s issues.

Moreover, McSweeney has been advocating for respect towards Middleton, emphasizing the importance of privacy and discouraging speculative gossip since the Princess’ health announcement.

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