Elle Macpherson BedTime Routine No Clothes and a Happy Heart

Elle Macpherson BedTime Routine No Clothes and a Happy Heart

Bollywoodfever, February 24: Elle Macpherson’s nighttime beauty routine is something anyone can do!

 “I go to bed with a smile. I go to bed with a happy heart. And a night mask. And no clothes, [just] my skin,” the model, 59, revealed while talking about beauty and wellness on the Friday, February 23, episode of the “Amanda Wakeley: StyleDNA” podcast.

Elle Macpherson BedTime Routine No Clothes and a Happy Heart

Macpherson also pointed out that she’s careful about what she eats and drinks. “Beauty is, when you look at your beauty program, topical beauty only goes so far,” Macpherson confessed. “It really needs to — you need to feed yourselves, [the] mitochondria of yourselves, which is like your heartbeat.”

Because of this, she explained she avoids having caffeine and tries to have her last meal long before bedtime. “I weaned myself off of coffee and I eat earlier in the day, so I eat at 5:00,” she dished.

However, before she drifts off to sleep, she told host Amanda Wakeley that she likes to relax with a cup of hot chocolate.

The next morning, after getting eight hours of sleep, Macpherson informed Wakeley, 61, that she begins her day the same way she ends it: in bed with a “smile” on her face.

Once the Australia native gets out of bed, she spends the first few minutes making a “gratitude list” of things she’s thankful for, which she noted was also part of her nightly routine as well.

“Wellness is really important to my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, so when I wake up, before I even open my eyes, I do a gratitude list and I have done one the night before [too,]” she explained.

After Macpherson finishes writing, she hydrates with a “salt and lemon” water concoction she makes and then gets her body moving.

While she mentioned she doesn’t currently have a set exercise regimen, she prefers to “go with the flow” instead.

“I’ll get outside, stretch, maybe do some sun salutations, or a bit of yoga or some breath and just move my body,” Macpherson noted, saying that it “really makes a huge difference.” She added that she also enjoys doing sessions in her infrared sauna as well as doing cold plunges to “reset.”

With an industry nickname like “The Body,” it’s not shocking that Macpherson is so strict about her night and morning routines, especially as she’s about to ring in her 60th birthday at the end of March.

Though, she confessed her routine hadn’t always been that way. She says she really changed her life when she turned 50.

“Everything that I was doing, [that] I sort of learned how to do, wasn’t working anymore,” Macpherson shared. “I realized I couldn’t just rely on genetics.”

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