Elon Musk Challenges Gamer to Defeat Elden Ring’s Toughest Boss Malenia

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Elon Musk dares a streamer, who previously beat Elden Ring using Morse code, to take on the game’s hardest boss, Malenia, using the same unique method. The challenge, accepted and conquered by the gamer, showcases an incredible display of skill and creativity in the gaming community.

After witnessing a player defeat Elden Ring using only Morse code, Elon Musk issued a new challenge to the gamer: take on Malenia using the same method.

Elden Ring is notoriously difficult, yet streamer Silithur managed to complete the game by employing Morse code, sharing a video of his victory over the Elden Beast. The gaming community has seen its fair share of unique challenges, but Silithur’s approach was particularly inventive.

Tesla investor Steven Mark Ryan came across the video and brought it to Elon Musk’s attention on X (formerly Twitter). Intrigued, the SpaceX founder then dared Silithur to face off against Malenia, considered one of the toughest bosses in both Elden Ring and across all video games, using just Morse code.

Rising to the occasion, Silithur accepted Musk’s challenge and successfully defeated the formidable Valkyrie, showcasing his skills in another impressive video.

While Musk has not yet commented on this latest achievement, other users on X have expressed admiration for Silithur’s remarkable feat.

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