Hong Kong’s Population Reaches 7.5 Million, Marks Second Year of Post-COVID Expansion

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Population Reaches 7.5 Million, Marks Second Year of Post-COVID Expansion

HONG KONG, Feb 21 (BollywoodFever) – Hong Kong’s population surged by 0.4% to 7.50 million in 2023, fueled by a net influx of returning residents and participants in residential programs, according to government data. 

This marks the second consecutive year of population growth for the financial hub post-COVID.

Hong Kong

The addition of 30,500 individuals from the previous year’s count of 7.47 million coincides with Hong Kong’s efforts to revive its economy and global appeal following three years of stringent COVID measures and the fallout from anti-government protests in 2019, followed by Beijing’s imposition of a national security law in 2020.

The government attributes the population increase to a return to “normalcy” in the former British colony, noting a significant number of Hong Kong residents coming back from overseas throughout 2023. 

Additionally, the continuous admission of mainland and overseas individuals through various programs has contributed to the growth.

During the period, there was a net inflow of 51,700 Hong Kong residents, with 79% holding a ‘One-way permit,’ facilitating residency in the city. 

Meanwhile, natural decrease saw 21,200 fewer individuals, with 33,200 births and 54,400 deaths recorded.

Hong Kong’s population rise stands in contrast to China’s continued decline, with the latter experiencing a second consecutive year of decrease in 2023 due to low birth rates and COVID-19 fatalities.

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