House of Streams Launches Groundbreaking Live Interactive Reality Series

House of Streams Launches Groundbreaking Live Interactive Reality Series

House of Streams Launches Groundbreaking Live Interactive Reality Series

Bollywoodfever, March, 28: Stream House Media Productions™, at, is poised to revolutionize the reality TV landscape with its spring 2024 premiere of a unique reality docuseries. This groundbreaking project assembles eight of the world’s most popular streaming content creators for a live, unscripted experience spanning an entire month, with Bitcoin playing a pivotal role in the show’s innovative format.

House of Streams Launches Groundbreaking Live Interactive Reality Series

The production team’s recent visit to the AIBC conference in Dubai allowed them to meet with industry leaders like Dorian Vincileoni from KuCoin, Nikita Sachdev from Luna PR, Lennox Lai from Okx, and Stefan Kimmel from CEO M2, exploring the integration of crypto, NFTs, and blockchain technology in film. Producer Mark Holland expressed excitement over the potential this brings to storytelling in media.

House of Streams™ offers viewers a unique “Fly on the Wall” perspective, blending competition with interactivity as contestants live together in a luxurious villa and participate in real-life challenges on Malta, known as Blockchain Island for its dense population of blockchain enterprises.

The series promises high drama and competition among the participants, who were chosen for their acclaim and competitive spirit in the content creation arena. The show was filmed around the clock and streamed live, attracting over 136,807 unique chat interactions, highlighting its appeal to a dedicated fanbase of streaming enthusiasts.

A distinctive feature of House of Streams™ is its interactive chat platform, allowing viewers to influence the show and its contestants in real time. This direct engagement represents a first for reality TV, according to Mark Holland, offering an immersive experience that connects fans with the show on a deeper level.

In a nod to the modern digital landscape, the show’s prizes include Bitcoin rewards for both the winner and the audience’s favorite contestant, setting a new standard for reality TV rewards.

The cast includes a diverse group of renowned streamers such as @japandyjones, @theblackhokage, @thegarashow, @morgantremaine, @cyborgangel, @outplayedbyjade, @taylormorgan__, and @mnufo, with hosts Nicole Holliday and Matthew ‘Kofi’ Browne adding their expertise to the mix.

House of Streams™ aims to usher in a new era of live-streamed, interactive reality TV, blending competition with viewer participation against the backdrop of the evolving Bitcoin market. The series, airing twice weekly over four weeks, promises unprecedented access to the streamers’ lives and the dynamics of their interaction with the outside world.

Holland sees the series as part of a broader trend towards AVOD streaming models and live audience engagement, pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology’s role in entertainment. The show is hosted online at, promising a fresh take on reality TV that leverages the latest in blockchain technology.

About House Of Stream

House of Streams is a creation of Stream House Media Productions, also known as Entertainment, a globally recognized production company with bases in London and Malta. Known for its creative flair, produces a wide array of content, including original series, documentaries, and corporate videos.

Boasting two decades of experience in the industry, is renowned for its innovative approach to production. The company excels in utilizing cutting-edge videography techniques, leveraging the latest streaming technologies, conducting in-house post-production, and is viewed by its industry peers as potential pioneers in the field.

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