NYC Commuters Stunned as Man Brings Massive Snakes onto Crowded Train

NYC Commuters Stunned as Man Brings Massive Snakes onto Crowded Train

A bold New York City subway passenger shocked other riders by bringing two massive snakes onto a crowded train.

An astonishing video captured a composed male subway rider sitting on a train with two glossy snakes wrapped around his neck and arms.

NYC Commuters Stunned as Man Brings Massive Snakes onto Crowded Train

The TikTok video, posted by @subwaycreaturesofficial, quickly spread online, gaining 30,000 likes and nearly 500,000 views in just eight hours. The caption noted, “Warm weather must be upon us.”

One snake coiled around his arm seemed to be a large Burmese python, while the other reptile appeared to be a Ball python.

While the relaxed passenger yawned and stretched, others on the train were unsure how to respond to the unusual sight.

A woman sitting next to him was clearly uncomfortable with the exotic animals nearby.

Some passengers chose to disregard the event and looked away.

The video sparked a flurry of comments on TikTok.

“The lady in the back be questioning her entire life,” a user humorously remarked.

“That snake and that woman are having a staring contest and I don’t like it,” another commented.

“How is everyone just accepting it?” asked a puzzled user.

“This should be illegal,” another viewer expressed.

This incident isn’t the first snake sighting on NYC transit. In 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency over the city’s troubled public transit system after a disturbing video of a snake on a subway handrail went viral.

The footage, shared on the Subway Creatures Instagram page, showed a man’s pet snake moving along a handrail and exploring the top of a subway car.

Juan Guerrero, who recorded the video, told NBC New York that prior to the snake’s escapade, its owner had been affectionately kissing the reptile.

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