Jenna Jameson’s Estranged Wife Seeks Annulment Citing Financial Deceit and Broken Sobriety Promise

Jenna Jameson’s estranged wife, Jessi Lawless, is seeking to annul their marriage, citing deception over financial and personal commitments. The annulment paperwork recently entered the legal system, revealing the reasons Jessi believes the marriage should be nullified.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Jessi claims that prior to their marriage, Jenna portrayed herself as financially stable and free of debt, promising to contribute economically to their household. Jessi alleges that these claims were misleading, particularly pointing out that Jenna did not disclose a significant tax debt amounting to $500,000.

Moreover, Jessi contends that Jenna had committed to maintaining sobriety as part of their union, a promise Jessi asserts was not fulfilled. Citing these issues, Jessi argues that the marriage was based on fraud and should be legally erased.

The legal filing also clarifies that there are no children from the marriage and that all communal property has been divided. Jessi is not seeking spousal support. The couple married in June 2023, making the duration of their marriage less than a year.

Jessi had previously hinted at taking this legal action, sharing her views on why she believed Jenna had relapsed into old habits and her response to the situation.

In response to the filing, Jenna remarked, “I keep it classy.” The court has yet to decide on the annulment request.

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