Lawsuit Accuses Christian Combs of Sexual Assault on Yacht

Lawsuit Accuses Christian Combs of Sexual Assault on Yacht

A new lawsuit alleges Christian Combs sexually assaulted Grace O’Marcaigh while aboard a yacht chartered by Sean “Diddy” Combs. The complaint details drugging, harassment, and physical assault, supported by audio recordings and claims of subsequent bruising.

Sean “Diddy” Combs finds himself embroiled in a new legal challenge amidst a federal sex trafficking probe, with accusations extending to his son in a recent lawsuit. 

This lawsuit claims his son committed sexual assault against a woman during a yacht trip commissioned by the music mogul at the close of 2022.

Lawsuit Accuses Christian Combs of Sexual Assault on Yacht
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This lawsuit joins a series of legal actions directed at Combs, 54, alleging sexual assault, sexual trafficking, and involvement in criminal activities, all of which he has vehemently denied, condemning the claims as appalling.

Filed on Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the lawsuit by Grace O’Marcaigh centers on an incident involving Christian Combs, 26. O’Marcaigh asserts she was sexually assaulted by Christian Combs in late December 2022 while employed on a yacht voyage marketed as a “wholesome family outing” that purportedly devolved into a licentious setting.

The alleged misconduct occurred shortly before Sean Combs hosted a star-studded New Year’s Eve yacht celebration.

Christian Combs faces accusations within the lawsuit of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and causing emotional distress. Sean Combs is named for premises liability, being the individual who leased the yacht, and for allegedly enabling his son’s purported actions.

As of Thursday night, representatives for both Christian and Sean Combs had not provided comments in response to the allegations. Sean Combs has repudiated all recent charges against him.

Tyrone Blackburn, the attorney representing O’Marcaigh, remarked upon filing the lawsuit, “Like father, like son. It gives us no joy or pleasure in filing this suit against Christian Combs, who appears to have embraced his father’s alleged reprehensible behaviors.”

In her lawsuit, O’Marcaigh accuses Christian Combs of drugging her and committing sexual assault. She supports her claims with transcripts of audio recordings, which she asserts capture her refusal of his advances as he physically assaulted her. According to the lawsuit, these recordings were made by a producer present in the studio.

At the time, 25-year-old O’Marcaigh was employed as a steward on the yacht, serving dinner and drinks from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., during which she observed continuous partying, drug use, and the presence of “suspected sex workers” mingling with celebrities. She expressed concerns in her complaint that the alcohol might have been tampered with drugs, noting erratic behavior from women who consumed it.

The suit mentions that on or about December 28, 2022, O’Marcaigh was notified of Christian Combs’ arrival to participate in a recording session with music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones in the yacht’s makeshift studio.

Christian Combs, who had been staying on shore, frequented the yacht during evenings, the lawsuit alleges. It claims that upon his arrival, already “heavily intoxicated,” he directed undue attention towards O’Marcaigh and coerced her into consuming tequila shots he had presumably brought with him.

After reluctantly agreeing to the shot, O’Marcaigh began to feel its strong effects and suspected the drink had been spiked. She claims that Christian Combs then escalated his aggressive behavior, physically assaulting her.

The lawsuit details disturbing instances caught on audio, where O’Marcaigh is recorded rejecting alcohol, attempting to leave, and pleading with Christian Combs to cease his inappropriate touching. These recordings, made by Jones—who is also suing Sean Combs for being compelled to record numerous hours of potentially criminal activities—reveal a tense interaction between O’Marcaigh and Christian Combs.

NBC News has listened to two audio clips cited in the lawsuit from that night, though the identities of those recorded have not been independently confirmed.

During the alleged incident, O’Marcaigh is heard asserting her autonomy and refusing Christian Combs’ advances. Despite her efforts to leave, Christian Combs insists she stays, a request she strategically deflects, knowing it would be impossible to fulfill due to the time.

The lawsuit continues to describe a further alleged assault where Christian Combs follows O’Marcaigh, undresses, and attempts to force her into a sexual act, during which she sustains physical harm evidenced by photographs of bruising included in the filing.

O’Marcaigh managed to fend off Christian Combs until their encounter was interrupted by another individual’s arrival.

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