Michael Jackson’s Son, Bigi, Files Legal Action Against Grandmother Katherine in Estate Dispute Appeal

Michael Jackson's Son, Bigi, Files Legal Action Against Grandmother Katherine in Estate Dispute Appeal

Michael Jackson’s Son, Bigi, Files Legal Action Against Grandmother Katherine in Estate Dispute Appeal

Bigi “Blanket” Jackson and his grandmother, Katherine Jackson, are entangled in a legal dispute over the estate of the late pop icon Michael Jackson, leading to courtroom confrontations.

Documents revealed by ET show that Bigi is challenging Katherine’s appeal for the Michael Jackson estate to cover her legal fees. In a recent submission to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Bigi argues against his grandmother’s claim, stating, “fees claimed for legal services for an appeal do not benefit the Estate and should not be granted.”

The core of Katherine’s appeal is a disagreement over a decision by the estate’s executors to allocate funds for a business deal, a move initially contested by Bigi. He opposes Katherine’s appeal on the grounds that it’s improbable it will change the outcome of the initial judgment.

This legal struggle showcases the ongoing complexities surrounding the management of Michael Jackson’s estate, highlighting the familial tensions that have arisen in the wake of the singer’s passing.

In the ongoing legal saga surrounding the late Michael Jackson’s estate, his son Bigi Jackson has taken a firm stance in recent court filings. According to documents, Bigi has explicitly stated, “Bigi did not appeal the Court’s ruling,” underscoring his belief that the original decision was within the court’s discretion and doubting the effectiveness of an appeal given the “slim” chances of reversal and unnecessary costs.

Despite these reservations, Katherine Jackson, Bigi’s grandmother, proceeded with the appeal and is now seeking to have her legal fees reimbursed by the estate. Bigi is challenging this move, requesting the court to refuse Katherine’s plea for compensation for her appeal-related legal expenses.

At 22 years old, Bigi shows a nuanced understanding of the legal battles over his father’s legacy. While he disagrees with financing the appeal, he acknowledges the value of supporting Katherine’s initial legal efforts regarding the estate executors’ business dealings. He credits these actions with providing benefits to the estate and its heirs, although he raises concerns about the proportionality of the legal fees incurred.

The documents reflect Bigi’s pragmatic approach: recognizing the complexity of the transaction at hand but questioning the necessity of such high attorney fees, which ranged from $850 to $1,400 per hour. He concedes that the court should cover Katherine’s fees to a reasonable extent, highlighting his interest in fairness and the efficient use of the estate’s resources.

This legal development comes amid sightings of Bigi living his life in Los Angeles, including a recent movie outing, demonstrating his attempt to maintain a semblance of normalcy amidst the estate’s ongoing legal entanglements. This case sheds light on the intricate legal debates that continue to define the stewardship of Michael Jackson’s vast legacy, balancing familial obligations with the fiduciary duties owed to the estate and its beneficiaries.

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