Christian Dumontet, Christine Quinn’s Husband, Faces Arrest for Breaching Protective Order Again

Christine Quinn's Husband from 'Selling Sunset' Arrested on Charges of Domestic Violence

Christian Dumontet, Christine Quinn’s Husband, Faces Arrest for Breaching Protective Order Again

Christian Dumontet, the husband of Christine Quinn, has faced arrest for the second time in quick succession.

Following his initial arrest for assault with a deadly weapon, Dumontet was arrested again on March 20 by the Los Angeles Police for breaching an emergency protective order by returning to their home. This order was issued in the wake of a domestic dispute involving Dumontet, Quinn, and their 2-year-old son, Christian, according to E! News.

The incident leading to the first arrest involved Dumontet throwing a bag containing glass, which inadvertently struck and injured their child, as confirmed by the Los Angeles Police to E! News. Although the child was treated on-site by paramedics, he was not immediately transported to the hospital. However, sources indicated that paramedics recommended hospital treatment, and Quinn subsequently took him to the ER.

Following each arrest, Dumontet posted a $30,000 bail for his release. He is slated for a court appearance on April 11, as per jail records.

Quinn is now prioritizing her child’s safety and welfare, seeking legal advice to strengthen the protective measures for her family, a close source disclosed to E! News. Details regarding Dumontet’s legal representation or any public statements from him regarding the incidents remain undisclosed.

Quinn and Dumontet, who were introduced by mutual acquaintances, got engaged in February 2019 and were married later that year in a ceremony showcased on the second season of “Selling Sunset.” They welcomed their son in May 2021.

Dumontet has previously expressed his deep affection for Quinn, recounting their instant connection and banter from the moment they met. Quinn has also shared her admiration for Dumontet’s contrasting personality traits, highlighting his indifference to appearances and focus on work and travel, aspects she values as well.

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