Monochrome Asset Management Advances Bitcoin ETF in Australia with Cboe Application

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Monochrome Asset Management Advances Bitcoin ETF in Australia with Cboe Application

Monochrome Asset Management, headquartered in Australia, has recently shifted its bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) application to Cboe Australia. This strategic decision is aimed at supporting Monochrome’s goal to extend its reach into the Asian markets.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Will Not Advertise During IPL

The firm’s dedication to offering investors innovative and accessible investment solutions is underscored by the relocation of its ETF application.

By choosing Cboe Australia as the new venue for its application, distinct from the Australian Securities Exchange, Monochrome Asset Management emphasizes its ambition to grow its influence across Asia.

Jeff Yew, Monochrome’s CEO, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration with Cboe Australia, stating, “We are proud to work with Cboe Australia to bring Monochrome’s new bitcoin ETF to market, expanding the investment universe for Australian Investors. 

As leaders in digital assets globally, their established track record and commitment to innovation and safe market accessibility aligns with Monochrome’s strategic objectives.” He further highlighted that listing on Cboe would enhance their offerings and solidify their position in the Asia-Pacific market. Monochrome boasts that its Bitcoin ETF is unique in Australia for allowing investors to directly hold Bitcoin.

To list a crypto ETF in Australia, companies must secure approval from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) before seeking a listing on any exchange. Monochrome has reportedly received ASIC’s approval and is now awaiting a decision from Cboe Australia, expected by the middle of the year, as indicated by Yew.

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