Playboi Carti is back With “UR THE MOON”

Playboi Carti is back With “UR THE MOON”


Playboi Carti stands out as the most divisive personality in today’s hip-hop scene. While figures like Drake, Travis Scott, and Kanye West command attention, there’s a genuine belief that certain enthusiasts are willing to go to great lengths for Carti. 

Playboi Carti is back With “UR THE MOON”

Regrettably, it’s been quite some time since the iconic Atlanta artist graced us with a new album. However, the anticipation is about to end, as news broke a few days ago confirming the release of his upcoming album, titled “I Am Music,” scheduled for next year. 

Today, the potential debut single from this forthcoming project, titled “UR THE MOON,” has made its way to streaming services.

My n***a, I like this s**t a lot! I f**k with the dark, uptempo, out-of-this-worldly beat and how Playboi Carti relies on altered vocals and choppy flows to attack it. I also like how he talks a little bit of s**t, speaks on his impressive come-up, and gives sound advice on how to upgrade a chick. If you ask me (Bro, someone in the corner definitely asked me), this is the perfect bizarre return for hip-hop’s trippy Batman.

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