Perhaps one of the most famous TV shows that most of us grew up watching is CID–a crime thriller drama show.

Running for almost 20 years now, CID is a show that you either love or hate but just cannot ignore. Be it the iconic dialogues or the main characters that have become household names, the crime drama has made a permanent mark in Indian television.

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The news of the show going permanently off-air after October 27 spread like wildfire, making most of us nostalgic of the time when the investigation team could get the accused to confess to their crimes with a slap; where a senior inspector was specially appointed to break open doors; the legendary trio was indomitable.

Although the decision has left viewers disappointed. The longest-running show is taking a break after 21 years and one can say that the fans can’t keep calm. Many Netizens took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter to express their views on the decision.


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