Prosecutors in Kansas City File Murder Charges Against Two Newly Identified Adults

Prosecutors in Kansas City File Murder Charges Against Two Newly Identified Adults

Prosecutors in Kansas City File Murder Charges Against Two Newly Identified Adults

Kansas City Prosecutors Charge Two New Adults with Murder in Connection to Mass Shooting

BollywoodFever, February 21: Lyndell Mays and Dominic Miller have been formally charged with second-degree murder, along with additional counts of armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon, by Kansas City prosecutors. 

This announcement marks a significant development in the case, distinct from the charges brought against two teenagers last week.

The revelation of Mays and Miller’s involvement comes as a surprise, as authorities had previously only disclosed the detention of three individuals, including two juveniles. 

Prosecutors in Kansas City File Murder Charges Against Two Newly Identified Adults

With the addition of Mays and Miller, the total number of individuals implicated in the crime now stands at four. 

However, mugshots of the two men have not been released yet as they are still recovering in the hospital.

Prosecutors hinted at the possibility of further arrests and charges in the ongoing investigation but emphasized that they are commencing with these two individuals for now. 

They also clarified that the two juveniles will be prosecuted separately due to their underage status.

Details regarding the age of Mays and Miller and when they came under police scrutiny remain unclear. 

However, officials highlighted an intriguing aspect of the case: the two factions involved in the altercation, which allegedly sparked the shooting, were previously unknown to each other.

According to prosecutors, evidence suggests that Mays initiated the confrontation by brandishing a firearm, prompting others, including Miller, to do the same. 

After gunfire erupted, prosecutors attributed Lisa Lopez-Galvan’s death to both Mays and Miller, with Miller’s weapon believed to have inflicted the fatal shot.

TMZ previously reported footage showing teenagers present at the scene shortly before the shooting occurred, prompting speculation about their involvement. 

While eyewitnesses did not witness the teens firing any shots, they claim that the initial gunfire came from the opposing party off-camera.

Kansas City officials underscored that the investigation is ongoing, with a commitment to holding all responsible parties accountable for the tragedy. 

As of now, this marks the latest development in the case, which resulted in Lisa’s death and left at least 22 others wounded by gunfire.

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