TikTok Star NPC Miles Morales's Frustration Over Lack of Tips Resurfaces

TikTok Star NPC Miles Morales’s Frustration Over Lack of Tips Resurfaces

TikTok star NPC Miles Morales is trending once again as a 2020 clip of him furiously destroying pizza boxes resurfaces. The clip captures his frustration over not receiving a tip while he was working as a Domino’s delivery driver in St. Petersburg, Florida.

TikTok Star NPC Miles Morales's Frustration Over Lack of Tips Resurfaces

Before Malik Ambersley became a TikTok sensation known as ‘Leaks World’, recognized for his portrayal of Marvel’s Miles Morales in the NPC trend, he was delivering pizzas. The viral clip shows his reaction to not being tipped: “I’m out there in the rain and no tip! No tip!” Ambersley is seen shouting before he takes out his frustration on a stack of pizza boxes.

In an interview with a local news outlet at the time, Ambersley explained that he was alone in the store when the incident occurred and emphasized that he was not dismissed from his job at Domino’s. He highlighted the importance of tips, especially during the pandemic, “During the pandemic, things like tips and stuff like that are important for me to feed my family and myself and try to keep a roof over my head,” he said.

Now a prominent TikTok figure with over 800,000 followers, Ambersley engages thousands with his live performances as Spiderman’s Miles Morales. While he no longer depends on delivery tips, he still relies on the financial support from gifts his followers send during his live sessions.

The resurgence of this clip follows recent incidents where NPC Miles Morales broke character during live streams, showing frustration towards his audience for not engaging more actively and even reprimanding a fellow streamer for being too “loud” and “annoying.” These instances, along with confrontations with strangers and security guards, suggest that Ambersley’s fiery demeanor isn’t just for show, highlighting the pressures and realities of internet fame.

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