Valve Reinstates Left-Hand View in Counter-Strike 2 After Community Demand

Valve Reinstates Left-Hand View in Counter-Strike 2 After Community Demand

Valve has rekindled excitement in the Counter-Strike 2 community by reintroducing the left-hand view option, responding to months of player requests. The beloved feature from CS:GO was conspicuously absent when CS2 launched in September 2023, with no clear explanation from Valve as to why the feature was omitted.

Valve Reinstates Left-Hand View in Counter-Strike 2 After Community Demand

The persistent demands from fans have finally borne fruit. After enduring seven months of criticism, the developers acknowledged their requests with a terse “Fine.” in the April 25 update. A 16-second preview quickly followed, showcasing the left-hand view on Dust 2, much to the delight of fans.

The complete April 25 patch notes confirmed the addition of ‘Left/Right Handedness’ settings now accessible within the game, a move that has been highly anticipated. The announcement and the accompanying video snippet quickly went viral on social media, garnering tens of thousands of views and generating a frenzy of enthusiastic responses. Players expressed their excitement and disbelief with comments like “Is this real chat?”, “We are so back.” and “Only took 7 months.”

Despite the celebration, some in the community remain focused on other pressing issues within the game, such as ongoing challenges with cheating. This has led to mixed feelings about the update, with some players arguing that addressing the cheating problems should take precedence over the reintroduction of left-hand support.

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