Tether Embarks on AI Journey, Launches Global Talent Search for New Division


Tether Embarks on AI Journey, Launches Global Talent Search for New Division

BollywoodFever, March 29: Tether, a leading entity in the cryptocurrency sector, has declared its entry into the artificial intelligence (AI) arena, aiming to pioneer open-source models and establish benchmarks in this burgeoning field. To spearhead this initiative, Tether is on the hunt for “top-tier talent” globally to form a specialized division focused on AI advancements.


Tether Ventures into AI, Seeks Exceptional Talent

As the preeminent stablecoin operator, Tether has made public its venture into artificial intelligence, describing this step as a significant move. The company is driven by the ambition to counteract the potential monopolization of AI developments and technologies.

Tether’s strategy involves two primary objectives: to create open-source alternatives to the existing multimodal AI models, thereby redefining industry standards, and to incorporate AI into market-responsive products aimed at solving real-world problems. Through these efforts, Tether intends to enrich the AI ecosystem and promote progress within the open AI domain.

In pursuit of these goals, Tether is launching a recruitment drive for exceptional candidates to join its newly established AI division, highlighting its commitment to democratizing access to both open and proprietary AI innovations. The company has announced vacancies for a Head of AI Research and Development and an AI Engineer, both of which are remote positions.

Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s CEO, underscored the transformative potential of AI:

“Artificial intelligence stands poised to revolutionize nearly every facet of our lives, both in the real and digital worlds.”

He also noted that this initiative aligns with Tether’s prior investment in Northern Data, to which it provided $610 million for hardware upgrades. Additionally, in September, Tether invested $420 million in Nvidia’s AI-enabled GPUs, further demonstrating its commitment to advancing AI technology.

Source: News.Bitcoin

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