TikToker Promises to Get Another Kai Cenat Tattoo on Face if Ignored

Kai Cenat Age Height Weight Wife Kids Net Worth 2022

TikToker Promises to Get Another Kai Cenat Tattoo on Face if Ignored

Bollywoodfever, March 2: Kai Cenat stands as a towering figure in the influencer realm, shattering records on Twitch and clinching the Streamer of the Year title at the Streamer Awards for two consecutive years.

Kai’s broadcasts are a spectacle, featuring everything from extravagant fireworks duels to appearances by renowned rappers like Nicki Minaj and Offset, even sparking riots in the streets of New York City.

The magnitude of Kai’s fame is undeniable… and now, a fan has issued a bold challenge to grab his attention.

Kai Cenat Fan Inks Streamer’s Childhood Image on Her Face

Kai Cenat Age Height Weight Wife Kids Net Worth 2022

In a TikTok video that appears to have been removed, a user by the name of ‘Presidential Rose’ flaunted a tattoo of Kai Cenat as a child, inked onto her face.

She shared that her fascination with the streamer began after they met during a broadcast about a year ago, leading her to make the drastic decision to tattoo one of his childhood photos on her left cheek.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect him to be as attractive in person,” she confessed. “He’s genuinely adorable. This little guy is seriously cute.”

But she didn’t stop there; she also issued a warning that she would tattoo his present-day likeness on her right cheek if he failed to acknowledge her video within three days.

“If Kai ignores this, I’m going to ink his current face on my face. Again. So Kai, you have roughly 72 hours to reply to this, or I’m getting your face tattooed on mine once more.”

For those doubting the authenticity of the tattoo, she uploaded a YouTube Shorts video of herself getting the tattoo at a studio, promising a “storytime” session about her facial tattoo during a live stream.

This isn’t the first instance of a fan going to extreme lengths, such as getting a tattoo, to catch the attention of an influencer. In 2023, a fan of MrBeast went as far as tattooing the YouTuber’s name across his body until he finally met him, a feat he replicated with FaZe Rug.

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