Tori Spelling Discusses Financial Struggles and Admits to Hoarding on Her Podcast

Tori Spelling Announces Divorce Filing to Dean McDermott on Podcast in Tense Reveal

Tori Spelling Discusses Financial Struggles and Admits to Hoarding on Her Podcast

Tori Spelling is undertaking a significant decluttering effort as she navigates through her divorce from Dean McDermott.

During an episode of her misSPELLING podcast on Thursday, the 50-year-old actress shared that she is currently going through four storage units to downsize and streamline her life.

“I’m a hoarder, you guys! Hi, my name’s Tori and I’m a hoarder. There I said it,” Spelling confessed to her audience from within one of the storage units, shortly after a locksmith had let her in. She often reassured people, “I’m not a hoarder. I’m a collector.”

Spelling detailed the contents of the storage: “I have all my kids’ memories. I have everything from my 18-year marriage, everything until, I guess, a year ago when we had to escape the house with mold and everything was put into storage,” she explained.

Tori Spelling Announces Divorce Filing to Dean McDermott on Podcast in Tense Reveal

She explained that the need for storage arose after mold forced her family into an Airbnb. It was there she realized, “I can breathe because I don’t have all my s–t falling on top of me,” noting a newfound sense of relief and clarity. “I would like to clean up my life for my kids because they deserve better.”

Spelling, who shares children Liam, 17, Stella, 15, Hattie, 12, Finn, 11, and Beau, 7, with McDermott, discussed this amidst emotional public sightings with her estranged husband. Their nearly two-decade-long marriage has been a significant chapter in her life.

As the daughter of the late film and television producer Aaron Spelling, she revealed financial struggles with maintaining the storage units that contain their family’s entire history. “I no longer had the money to pay for the units,” she stated, expressing gratitude to a friend who prevented them from being auctioned—a fate of unpaid storage units.

“I don’t want sympathy, but I was taught or I wasn’t taught how to function in the real world and I’m doing the best I can,” Spelling admitted candidly. Highlighting her financial naivety, she added, “I want to tell you something that’s not going to be shocking. I’m not good with money. I suck with money. I didn’t even know how to write a check until I was in my 40s.”

While her peers made savvy financial moves, Spelling noted her own lack of financial acumen. “My costars were making investments and buying properties,” she said. “They were being smart about it. And I didn’t know and I had no guidance at all,” the “Mystery Girls” actress reflected on her past financial decisions.

The former star of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Tori Spelling, recently filed for divorce from Dean McDermott, marking the separation date as June 17, 2023.

In a recent installment of her podcast, misSpelling, Spelling responded to previous statements McDermott made about their marriage. In a November interview with, he noted that their relationship deteriorated further after they stopped sharing a bedroom, revealing their bed was often occupied by a pig, a chicken, and several dogs.

On her podcast, however, Spelling clarified that the pig’s presence in their bed was brief and not as prolonged as suggested. “The pig was in the bed in 2017. When I was pregnant, we had a baby pig. They told me it needed to be in a bed — that it was used to snuggling, and it needed that for a few nights,” she explained. The situation quickly changed when the pig had an accident: “But when it peed between us in the bed, he was like, ‘The pig’s leaving the bed’ and I was like, ‘Understood.'”

She emphasized, “That was the only night the pig was in the bed. … The animals and kids didn’t come between us in the bed.” This clarification from Spelling highlights her efforts to set the record straight regarding the factors that contributed to the challenges in their marriage.

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