Trump NYC Trial: Man Sets Self On Fire

A man has set himself on fire outside the New York City courthouse where the Donald Trump trial is underway.

Trump NYC Trial: Man Sets Self On Fire

A man has set himself on fire outside the New York City courthouse where the Donald Trump trial is underway.

A person clearly seen lying on the ground on fire. People then rushed over with a fire extinguisher and worked to bat the flames away.

Emergency teams quickly transported the individual.

Smoke continues to smolder from the location where someone set themselves on fire, filling the air with a sharp, acrid odor. The wind is carrying the smoke towards the courthouse.

Burned debris and what seem to be scattered papers or fliers are visible near the site.

The park has been closed off, and a significant police presence is on the scene, with dozens of officers in the area. Additionally, there are at least four ambulances stationed around the park.

As per Police, The man is in very critical condition. They received a call about 13.37 (local time) that a male appeared to have set himself on fire in the vicinity of Centre Street.

As news of the man lighting himself on fire broke, Trump was in the courtroom.

Shortly after, he spoke to a Secret Service agent, and then left the courthouse.

Julie Berman, a witness and Manhattan resident who saw what happened at court.

She says the man who set himself on fire has been at court all week carrying a sign.

She says he threw papers in the air after dousing himself in some sort of liquid.

He doused himself twice, she says.

“The whole thing, it happened so fast, and it took my mind so long to catch up — kind of like the earthquake, it took me like 20 seconds to figure out what was going on,” she says.

She says the man may have asked her to stop intervening or get away from him before he lit himself on fire.

Berman says he reminded her of activists “in my youth in the 90s, when I was in my 20s”.

As per Fire Department he is in New York–Presbyterian Hospital and in critical condition.

This is developing story, more to come

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