Venezuela Gripped by Tragedy as Open-Pit Gold Mine Collapse Leaves Dozens Feared Dead

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Venezuela Gripped by Tragedy as Open-Pit Gold Mine Collapse Leaves Dozens Feared Dead

LA PARAGUA, Venezuela, February 21 (BollywoodFever): In Central Venezuela, an illicitly run open-pit gold mine suffered a catastrophic collapse while numerous workers were present, raising concerns of significant casualties. 

Officials disclosed on Wednesday that the incident occurred in the Angostura municipality on Tuesday at a site known as Bulla Loca, accessible only by a lengthy boat journey.

As of Wednesday, authorities were unable to provide a comprehensive count of fatalities, injuries, or individuals trapped.

Yorgi Arciniega, the Mayor of Angostura, expressed apprehension late Tuesday by mentioning plans to transport around 30 coffins to a nearby community, suggesting the potential for a considerable death toll.

Meanwhile, relatives of the miners congregated in La Paragua, the nearest settlement to the mine, urging the government to dispatch aircraft to facilitate the rescue of survivors and retrieval of bodies.

Karina Ríos, whose daughter’s father was among those trapped, pleaded for urgent assistance, expressing concerns about the rapid deterioration of bodies due to local environmental conditions.

Venezuela initiated a vast mining development initiative in 2016, extending through the nation’s central region, as a strategy to diversify revenue streams beyond the oil sector. Consequently, mining activities for various minerals, including gold, diamonds, and copper, have surged within and beyond the designated zone.

However, numerous mining operations operate informally or skirt legal boundaries, providing lucrative employment opportunities but subjecting workers to harsh conditions.

Survivor Carlos Marcano, 71, recounted his harrowing experience, describing the scene at the collapsed mine as terrifying. He lamented the loss of colleagues and emphasized the urgency of rescuing those still trapped.

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