Bobbi Althoff Reacts to Deepfake “Leaks”

Bobbi Althoff Reacts to Deepfake

Podcaster Bobbi Althoff has addressed the emergence of viral deepfake videos featuring her on social media, clarifying that they are indeed fabricated.

With the increasing trend of private videos of celebrities being leaked, there has been a corresponding rise in deepfake technology. 

Bobbi Althoff Reacts to Trending Due to Deepfake Leaks

Just a month after deepfakes of Taylor Swift circulated online, Althoff became the target of AI-generated videos, sparking widespread criticism.

Within a day of the spread of these clips, Althoff found herself trending on various social media platforms. 

She promptly addressed the situation in an Instagram story, dispelling any doubts about the authenticity of the videos.

“Sorry to disappoint you all, but the reason I’m trending is 100% not me,” she stated. “[It] is definitely AI generated.”

Deepfakes have become a significant concern on social media, with numerous influencers and Twitch streamers finding their faces manipulated in videos without their consent. 

The issue extends beyond mere inconvenience, as demonstrated by a recent incident where AI deepfake scammers impersonated a company’s CFO during a business meeting, resulting in a $26 million theft.

In response to the growing threat, Microsoft has taken steps to combat deepfakes, closing loopholes in their Designer AI image generator app. 

Despite the widespread misuse of deepfake technology, Althoff has yet to comment on whether she plans to pursue legal action against the individual responsible for creating the fabricated videos.

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