Floyd Mayweather Grieves Over Assistant’s Death

Floyd Mayweather Grieves Over Assistant’s Death, Describing Her as the ‘Sister I Never Had’

BollywoodFever, February 21: Floyd Mayweather continues to grapple with the loss of his longtime assistant, Marikit “Kitchie” Laurico, who passed away last March.

Emotionally overwhelmed, Mayweather broke down in tears as he fondly remembered her as the kindest and most selfless woman he had ever known.

In a poignant interview on the “Pivot” podcast this week, the boxing legend opened up about the profound impact Kitchie had on his life. Beyond being an employee, she was his closest confidante and dearest friend.

“Kitchie was the one person I could confide in about anything, the one who knew my deepest secrets,” Mayweather shared. “There was no one else, male or female, whom I trusted more than her.”

Floyd Mayweather Grieves Over Assistant's Death, Describing Her as the 'Sister I Never Had'

Despite her unwavering loyalty and dedication, Mayweather highlighted Kitchie’s humility, noting that she never sought financial assistance from him, despite his willingness to support her in any endeavor.

“All she wanted was to support me and help me be the best man I could be, and to instill positivity in my children,” Mayweather reflected.

The bond between Mayweather and Kitchie extended beyond the professional realm, with plans for milestone celebrations and shared experiences abruptly cut short by her untimely passing.

Reflecting on her final days, Mayweather revealed his regret in not being able to provide her with the proper farewell she deserved.

“She was more than a sister; she was the best friend I ever had,” Mayweather lamented, acknowledging the profound impact of her loss.

While Mayweather confessed that expressing vulnerability does not come easily to him, the memory of loved ones lost evokes a raw and heartfelt emotional response that cannot be contained.

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