Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report

Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report

Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report All Languages, Budget, Screen Count and Box Office Verdict

Vikrant Rona is an upcoming Indian Kannada-language fantasy action-adventure film directed by Anup Bhandari.

It features Kichcha Sudeep in the titular character alongside Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Jacqueline Fernandez.

The film is released worldwide on 28 July 2022.

Content Break-Down

Screen Count




Budget Of Vikrant Rona

Production Cost: 80cr.

Prints and Advertisement: 10cr.

Landing Cost: 90cr.

Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report
Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report

Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report

DayKannada NetTelugu Hindi Tamil MalayalamBO India Net
Day 01 Thu July 2816.05cr.1.60cr./1.30cr./0.55cr./0.10cr.19.60cr.
Day 02 Fri July 296.32cr.0.62cr./0.95cr/0.36cr./0.05cr.8.30cr.
Day 03 Sat July 308.57cr.0.80cr./1.45cr./0.50cr./0.08cr.11.40cr.
Day 04 Sun July 3110.12cr.1.40cr./2.40cr./0.52cr./0.11cr.14.55cr.
Day 05 Mon Aug 012.41cr.0.60cr./0.70cr./0.25cr./0.05cr.4cr.
Day 06 Tue Aug 021.70cr.0.33cr./0.61cr./0.21cr./0.03cr.2.88cr.
Day 07 Wed Aug 031.26cr.0.22cr./0.52cr./0.17cr./0.02cr.2.19cr.
Day 08 Thu Aug 040.96cr.0.14cr./0.45cr./0.12cr./0.01cr1.68cr.
Week 0147.38cr.5.71cr./8.24cr./2.68cr./0.44cr.64.45cr.
Day 09 Fri Aug 050.83cr.0.04cr./0.35cr./0.03cr./–1.25cr.
Day 10 Sat Aug 062.02cr.0.05cr./0.58cr./0.05cr./–2.70cr.
Day 11 Sun Aug 073cr.0.08cr./0.70cr./0.08cr./–3.86cr.
Day 12 Mon Aug 080.76cr.0.02cr./0.31cr./0.02cr.1.11cr.
Day 13 Tue Aug 091.25cr.0.02cr./0.35cr./0.02cr.1.64cr.
Day 14 Wed Aug 100.59cr.0.01cr./0.25cr./0.01cr.0.89cr.
Day 15 Thu Aug 110.38cr.0.01cr/0.03cr./0.01cr.0.43cr.
Week 028.83cr.0.23cr./2.57cr./0.22cr.11.85cr.
Week 032.74cr.0.02cr./0.35cr./0.04cr.3.15cr.
Rest Of Run2.05cr.Hindi 0.50cr.2.55cr.
Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report
Vikrant Rona Hindi gets backing from Salman Khan Films
Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report

Box Office India Net Collection: 82cr.

Box Office Kannada Net Collection: 61cr.

Telugu Box Office Net Collection: 5.96cr.

Hindi Box Office Net Collection: 11.66cr.

Tamil Box Office Net Collection: 2.96cr.

Malayalam Box Office Net Collection: 0.44cr.

Box Office India Gross Collection All Languages: 96.75cr.

Overseas Box Office Gross Collection: 15cr.

Worldwide Box Office Gross Collection: 111.75cr.

Budget : 90cr.

BO Verdict: Kannada: Blockbuster, Hindi: Flop Telugu: Blockbuster Tamil: Super Hit and Malayalam: Flop

State-wise Gross Collection

RegionGross CollectionDistributors Share
Tamil Nadu3.35cr.
Rest Of India11.59cr.
Total100.25cr.78cr. Approx.
Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report

Early Estimates and Collection

DayEstimates India NetCollections India Net
Day 07 3.80cr.2.19cr.
Day 064.20cr.2.88cr
Day 054.80cr.4cr.
Day 0413cr.14.55cr.
Day 0311cr.11.40cr.
Day 0210cr.8.30cr.
Day 0118cr.19.60cr.
Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report

Vikrant Rona User Reviews IMDb 8.8/10

User : Booked 1st day 1st show ticket, had expectations of thriller adventure, but Bang Bang Bang the devil just sang Dead man’s Anthem… ultimate plot twists…Its a mixture of everything – adventure, fights, horror, action and most importantly BGM, direction and cinematography…they just stand top… Honestly This film cannot be compared with KGF chapters and RRR…it entirely different in terms of story and making…It has its own appealing content…In this film you won’t see any single character boost…. there are multiple character boosts….1st half story pick up with amazing interval…2nf half just play’s with your mind…. amazing and proud of this film…As said expect the unexpected 🔥

User: This film is way ahead of it’s time,i am sure it will rule in overseas,but most of the Indian audience are addicted to mass commercial movies,who will not get this epic masterpiece, #KichchaSudeep acting in this film is one of the all time best,he acted soul out of him,he is like a Indiana Jones mixed with sharlock homles #AnupBhandari did a promising direction and screenplay,he has crafted this film very well.

For me this movie is an art and a pure craftsmanship.

User: VikrantRona (2022)

Easily one of the best thriller in recent time with a perfect mix of adventure, fantasy and horror backdrop. Top notch making, Background scoring, Quality VFX, 3D Effects and a decent last min twist elevated the film.

Worth a Theatre Experience.

User: VikrantRona:- Content wise this was much needed for KFI. Thanks for choosing this subject @KicchaSudeep anna.

Stunning visuals, kickass BGM, wonderful plot and great execution.

Abhinaya Chakravarthi steals the show, Nirup and Neetha were excellent.

User: 1 st half of the movie narration is little bit slow but in the second half shows why the first half narration is slow Making of the film was awesome

Music ,bgm are mind blowing

Sudeep sir acting is as always fantastic

Watch in 3D , Overall movie is thriller ,action, emotional, suspense film.

User: Movie is gonna break BOX OFFICE COLLECTION , one of the greatest MYSTERY movie ever seen MUST WATCH MOVIE.

Kichcha Boss acting is like always top-notch.

Not even 1 second u will get bored or distracted that how the movie making is.

Well narrated and directed hats off to Anup Bhandari.

User: Had a lot of expectations on Vikrant Rona, and went with same but did it reach my expectations?

First and foremost kudos to Anup Bhandari, except 2-3 scenes, most of the scenes were engaging, Abhinaya Chakravarthy a title been redefined. Movie hooked me up till the end, curious to know what’s happening next was throughout the movie, my own predictions on killer (ps: none worked ) .

Few extra scenes were added just to confuse audience which didn’t work to name some, Rain jacket fight(Had more expectations), Smuggling story didn’t make sense to story line. 2 Songs were okish.

Last 20 min of epic twists along side Background score⚡

And yes it is a good watch with Bundle to emotions and thrill elements A perfect family movie for a weekend.


Things that didn’t work for me 1. Pakru’s forced comedy 2.chikki bombe song (could have been edited completely or replaced by a small scene showing the attraction between those two

Things that worked phenomenally 1. Visuals .. they are mind blowing 2. Story which was placed in Anup’s Rangitaranga world 3. Sudeep and Nirups performance 4. Slow revelation which makes the viewers connect the dots 5. Background music. Exceptional ..

Bottom line: we were all in a different world while we were in the theater .. the world of kamarottu.. Movie must be experienced in a theater after drinking coffee and staying alert.. have patience story takes some time to build.., pay off in the end is priceless.

Kichcha Sudeep last 5 films Box Office

2021Kotigobba 3Semi Hit
2019Dabangg 3Semi Hit
2019Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (Telugu)Hit 
2018The VillainAverage
Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report
Sudeep All Films Hit Flop Box Office verdict
Kichcha Sudeep Filmography

Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report

Jacqueline Fernandez Wiki Age Height Weight Boyfriend
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Vikrant Rona 2022 Box Office Collection Report

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