Xbox Game Pass Surpasses 34 Million ‘Fully Paid’ Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Surpasses 34 Million ‘Fully Paid’ Subscribers

During a special episode of the Xbox Podcast, Microsoft unveiled that there are currently 34 million Game Pass subscribers across console, PC, and cloud platforms.

The breakdown of this figure among each platform where Game Pass is available remains unclear. 

However, Xbox head Phil Spencer shed some light on this, mentioning in Stephen Totilo’s Game File newsletter that the service has experienced notable growth recently on PC and cloud. 

He also confirmed that all 34 million Game Pass members are paying subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass

Spencer emphasized the significance of expanding beyond consoles for Game Pass’s continued growth, stating, “When there’s a fixed number of console players on the planet you’re not going to grow Game Pass forever by shipping just on consoles. So we’re seeing really significant growth on PC, which is great, and cloud.”

The Verge has verified with Microsoft that the 34 million figure includes Xbox Game Pass Core. Last summer, Microsoft replaced its Xbox Live Gold program with Game Pass Core, which offers players access to a limited portion of the Game Pass library.

In a noteworthy development, Microsoft announced in today’s Xbox blog post that “Diablo IV will be available to play by the 34 million Game Pass subscribers on both PC and Xbox consoles beginning March 28!” While this suggests availability for Core subscribers, it’s currently unclear.

The last official update on Game Pass numbers was in early 2022 when Microsoft reported 25 million subscribers. Sony later disclosed in November of the same year that the service had grown to 29 million users. 

Xbox Game Pass is currently accessible across consoles, PC, and cloud-supported devices, depending on the subscription plan.

Although Microsoft hasn’t provided specific sales figures for Xbox Series X | S consoles, estimates suggest around 27 million units have been sold, based on Take-Two Interactive’s recent financial report.

Alongside the Game Pass update, Xbox announced plans to bring some of its previous exclusive titles to rival platforms like Nintendo and PlayStation consoles, with four titles initially making the transition. This comes as Microsoft anticipates the future with its next console.

As Xbox fans await the future, they can anticipate Activision Blizzard titles coming to Game Pass, with Diablo 4 being the first addition on March 28.

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