xQc Reveals Peak Annual Earnings of $9 Million from Streaming

xQc Reveals Peak Annual Earnings of $9 Million from Streaming

xQc Reveals Peak Annual Earnings of $9 Million from Streaming

Twitch and Kick sensation xQc has disclosed that his highest annual earnings from streaming reached $9 million. This revelation came about when social media interviewer natestakkzz caught up with him in Miami on April 6 to ask a few questions.

xQc Reveals Peak Annual Earnings of $9 Million from Streaming

At the beginning of their conversation, after introducing himself as a streamer and video creator, xQc was questioned on the most he has made in his nine years of streaming. He initially hesitated, mentioning a public leak before confirming, “I think it’s public right, yeah it was leaked. It was like errr 9,” ultimately clarifying that he referred to $9 million dollars earned in a single year from streaming.

When inquired about the greatest challenge he’s faced in his streaming career, xQc pointed to interpersonal issues, saying, “People. People are s***ty a lot of times you know, so like, finding like who cares about you, enemies, friendly friends, picking and choosing.”

The interview clip quickly gained traction online, sparking a mix of reactions from the community. Some teased him for appearing unprepared, with comments like “my goat didn’t know what to say,” while others scrutinized his understatement of his income, suggesting, “we all know it’s more than 9 million wtf.” Nonetheless, fans defended him, clarifying that the $9 million figure was solely from Twitch, not including his YouTube revenue.

Besides his Twitch income, xQc has secured a $100 million deal with Kick, co-owns the popular NoPixel GTA RP server, and has been involved in several major sponsorship agreements, among other ventures, significantly contributing to his financial success. While it’s challenging to pinpoint his exact yearly income, it’s clear that xQc is far from financially wanting.

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