Zendaya Discusses Family’s Reaction to Steamy Scenes at ‘Challengers’ Premiere

Zendaya Discusses Family's Reaction to Steamy Scenes at 'Challengers' Premiere

Zendaya encountered a mix of humor and discomfort when her parents attended the premiere of her latest film, “Challengers,” featuring her in steamy scenes. In an interview with ET‘s Denny Directo, she along with her co-stars Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor, discussed the challenges of filming intimate scenes and the amusing situation of having family watch these moments unfold on screen.

Zendaya Discusses Family's Reaction to Steamy Scenes at 'Challengers' Premiere

Reflecting on the experience, Zendaya shared, “It was hilarious,” and reiterated the sentiment saying, “Yeah, I thought it was hilarious.” She acknowledged her family’s familiarity with her work, especially given her roles in boundary-pushing projects like “Euphoria.” “They’ve all seen Euphoria, you know, so it’s not like our first rodeo or anything,” Zendaya remarked, noting the comfort level her family has with her on-screen performances.

During the screening, Zendaya found amusement in watching her family react to the film’s intimate scenes. “It was funny ’cause, you know, obviously I’ve seen the movie many times so I know what’s coming, and they were all sitting behind me, and I got to, like, watch them watch and slowly just be like, ‘Oh god,'” she recalled, laughing at the memory.

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Despite the film not containing explicit sex scenes, Zendaya humorously pointed out the inherent awkwardness, commenting, “It’s still enough to not want to watch with your aunt.”

The actors also delved into the logistics of filming such scenes. Faist described the process as “really practical,” emphasizing the collaborative effort involved. Echoing this, O’Connor spoke about the behind-the-scenes magic, stating, “That’s the magic of filmmaking, is what comes out of the screen.” He shared a light-hearted anecdote about filming a particularly memorable three-way kiss scene, revealing, “On the edge of your seat. In reality, you know, we laughed.”

Zendaya elaborated on the choreographed nature of filming intimate moments, explaining, “It’s a dance,” and emphasized the collective involvement, saying, “It’s not just the three of us. It’s a whole crew also who’s a part of the scenes.”

In “Challengers,” Zendaya plays Tashi Duncan, a former tennis prodigy turned coach. The film explores her complex relationships and the intense dynamics as her husband competes against a former friend in a crucial match, highlighting the personal and professional stakes involved.

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