Adam22 Views on Yeezy P*rn ro Kanye: don’t let Bianca Censori on camera

Bianca Censori Opts for Modest Style for Easter Outing with Kanye West and Family

Adam22 recently offered some advice to Kanye West concerning his latest endeavor into adult entertainment. The key piece of advice was clear: don’t let Bianca Censori get banged on camera by other dudes.

Bianca Censori Opts for Modest Style for Easter Outing with Kanye West and Family

TMZ spoke with the podcaster-turned-adult film figure in Los Angeles on Thursday, where he discussed his views on “Yeezy P*rn,” a project Kanye is looking to start. Adam expressed his support for the venture, considering it a potentially refreshing addition to the industry.

Adam notes that Kanye West’s innovative approach could bring some much-needed excitement to the adult entertainment industry, which often becomes monotonous with repetitive content. However, he cautions the Grammy-winning artist against blending business with personal pleasure, sharing insights from his own experiences with the challenges this can create.

He notes … “I would assume that probably Kanye would not want to be dealing with the bulls*** that comes with your wife doing p*rn.

Remember, Adam22 and his wife, adult film actress Lena Nersesian, have been quite successful with their provocative content on platforms like OnlyFans and later P*rnhub. Adam received considerable backlash online last year after a video featuring Lena and adult actor Jason Luv was released.

Given this background, it’s understandable why Adam believes Bianca Censori might keep her intimate activities off-camera for now—at least, that’s his assumption. With Kanye, however, one can never be too sure.

Fans have already begun to speculate about Bianca’s involvement in Yeezy Porn, particularly as her recent fashion choices have been quite bold. The Australian architect has become known for her almost-nude attire, often wearing just tights while traveling globally with Kanye, frequently showing a lot of skin.

Moreover, Bianca and Kanye drew significant attention last summer for their public displays of affection in a water taxi in Italy, indicating that Bianca is no stranger to adventurous exploits.

For more insights, check out the full interview with Adam22. He discusses various topics, including Kanye’s potential to introduce new talent into the industry—a feat Adam is confident Kanye can achieve.

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