Billionaire Adrian Portelli Offers $100000 Reward to Apprehend Sledgehammer Thieves

Billionaire Adrian Portelli Offers $100000 Reward to Apprehend Sledgehammer Thieves

Blockchain luminary and billionaire Adrian Portelli has put forth a $100,000 reward following an audacious break-in at his office, where intruders armed with sledgehammers discovered the premises empty.

Portelli, renowned for his role in the reality TV show “The Block” and his lavish lifestyle, took to Instagram to share CCTV footage of the incident. In a candid message to his 292,000 followers, he revealed the futile attempt by the burglars to unearth a supposed treasure trove.

Billionaire Adrian Portelli Offers $100,000 Reward to Apprehend Sledgehammer Thieves

The 34-year-old entrepreneur quipped about the intrusion, stating that while he’s known for his extravagant purchases, he doesn’t stash cash or valuables on-site. However, he decided to inject some humor into the situation by initiating a game titled “convict the criminal,” offering a hefty reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

The CCTV footage captured masked individuals ransacking the LMCT+ offices before hastily departing upon realizing their efforts were in vain. Portelli expressed bemusement at their antics and urged them to consider the easier route of participating in his lottery business rather than resorting to theft.

In a lighthearted video, Portelli expressed gratitude to the perpetrators for providing him with content, albeit inadvertently. He extended an invitation to his lottery business, LMCT+, where legal opportunities to win substantial prizes abound.

LMCT+, co-founded by Portelli and Troy Williams in 2018, operates under a legal loophole, offering houses, cars, and cash giveaways. While technically a buyers club subscription service, LMCT+ garners attention for its high-profile giveaways conducted as trade promotions.

Amid ongoing investigations by gambling regulators, Portelli remains defiant, asserting the legitimacy of LMCT+ operations. The billionaire, valued at $1 billion, continues to make headlines for his extravagant spending and unconventional antics.

This latest incident comes on the heels of Portelli’s recent addition to his family and his unconventional transportation methods, exemplified by the crane-assisted hoisting of his $3 million McLaren into his $39 million Melbourne penthouse.

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