Cheryl Burke Discusses Exclusion from ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Len Goodman Tribute

Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke recently shared her thoughts on why she might have been excluded from the “Dancing with the Stars” homage to Len Goodman.

During her conversation on the Amy and T.J. Podcast, the dancer, who has been a pro on the show for 26 seasons, speculated that her absence might be linked to her current podcast venture. “I would assume that some people may not be happy with my podcast that I have here with iHeart,” Burke suggested, referencing the potentially controversial title of her show, “Sex, Lies, & Spray Tans.”

Cheryl Burke

Despite not being part of the tribute, Burke emphasized that her podcast welcomes all who have a history with DWTS, regardless of their journey on the show. “I don’t care if you’re the first eliminated, or if you went all the way till the end, or if you had a bow-out due to, like Sarah Evans, like a divorce that she was going through,” she mentioned.

Burke views her podcast as a platform to explore the range of emotions and experiences shared by participants of the dance competition. She believes it’s a way to entertain long-time fans and considers the show an hour of great time.

Reflecting on the impact of “Dancing with the Stars,” Burke believes that participants leave the show having gained something valuable, whether it’s weight loss, confidence, or other personal growth. She expresses constant gratitude for her experiences and time spent with the network and the show itself.

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