Brittany Cartwright responds to the troll commenting her breast size

Brittany Cartwright is dismissing critical remarks about her appearance.

The 35-year-old star of “The Valley” Brittany Cartwright posted behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram last Wednesday, featuring herself in a black corset gown that highlighted her figure. However, one commenter criticized her appearance, saying, “Babe those bo*bs are too big. They make you heavier than you even are,” according to People.

Brittany Cartwright

Cartwright sharply replied to the critic: “Could you imagine me going on your page and commenting on your body? Yes my bo*bs are big, cool.” Her retort led to the deletion of the original comment. Despite the negativity, Cartwright received overwhelming support from her fans and even engaged playfully, saying “I kept singing Aaliyah songs lol ❤️❤️” when one fan praised her look.

Her followers continued to uplift her, describing her as “absolutely radiant” and “glowing.” Jax Taylor, her estranged husband, also showed his support by posting flame and heart emojis in the comments.

Taylor and Cartwright, who married in 2019 and have a 3-year-old son named Cruz, recently announced their separation after a tumultuous year. “Marriages are very hard, and I had a particularly rough year,” Cartwright explained on their “When Reality Hits” podcast in February. She shared that they decided to take some time apart for her mental health, and she has moved out to another home.

In an interview with Us Weekly earlier this month, Cartwright discussed how intimacy issues played a role in their marital challenges. “Keeping things romantic and spicy is how you make it work. If we’re going to make it 20 years, we have to keep this up but it’s already dwindled so much. It was messing with my confidence — why is he not coming on to me? I felt like I wasn’t good enough,” she confessed.

The first season of “The Valley” has prominently featured Cartwright and Taylor’s relationship struggles, including episodes where Cartwright felt unsupported by Taylor regarding her appearance. She expressed to the camera, “Jax can be really hard on me. He kind of puts me down a lot whether it’s about if I go out and have a girls’ night and don’t feel good the next day or the way I look. Your partner is supposed to lift you up and make you feel good about yourself and I feel like he’s doing the opposite to me right now.”

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